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 Fleet comp thoughts

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PostSubject: Fleet comp thoughts   Fleet comp thoughts EmptySat Mar 24, 2012 8:28 pm

Ship calculations: many ships, how to decide?
Lets start on valuation as it allows a frame of reference for this discussion.If we convert the costs of every ship and then value each combat ship based on the cost of the most expensive (using the destroyer as the most expensive as Res Bubbles (death stars) blow everything else out of context) we find a ratio that allows an informed discussion: 36sc: 12lc: 40LF: 15HF: 4.93CR: 2.67BS: 2.57CS: 7.2Rec: 120ESP: 1.36BMB: 1.33 BC: 1Des. With these ratios (again, based on cost!) we may have an effective discussion on ship valuation.By multiplying the number of ships by its individual weapons, shields and hull (separately) then adding these 3 values together we get an adjusted cost that compares each ship head to head based on combat ability (remember, this does not take into account number of shots fired, rapid fire nor shield rebound in the case of SS, LS, or rips). The new numbers tell us that, for combat ability, BS are the most effective followed closely by LF.If the full order is desired let me know and I can provide that.But wait, if I pit 4000LF against 267BS, the lf win every time!They cant be the most cost effective!Here is a non-quantifiable concept.The LF in this example fire 4000 times in the first round while the bs can only fire 267 times (no rapid fire vs lf).Of those 267 shots 5-10 will target the same lf double killing it.Though no BS die in the first round, their armor begins to wear and they only kill a whopping 260lf (or 6.7% of the opponent force).Rinse lather and repeat and we see that still no BS die.In the third round some will die and in the fourth round lots die.In the military we call this combat loss grouping.This theory states that troops of the same lvl will die in predictable intervals with the hardest to kill troops only being decimated after the group before it dies.This is very applicable to ogame, likely even more so than in the military.If fodder is provided to cover the bs, then they will rape the lf, but that is not what they are designed to fight.Try BS against des sometime and you will be very happy with the results…If you get past their lf screen!The net effect of this discussion is to tell you that LF are amazing except under 2 conditions: against CR and Res bubbles (this is where rapid fire and shield rebound take their toll).As neither of these two ships is seen in large numbers , LF should be built in huge numbers!Of course the sharks will then build CR in large numbers just as I am doing right now to target Hesss 160k lf…For those interested I need only build 15k cr to crush his fleet (ignore this thread Hess!) for a cost valuation of 75% of his investment but with very few losses (meaning I only pay 75% of what he does, but I keep my fleet after the battle).If someone then targets my CR they will likely build BC.Which then get hard countered by Des which then get hard countered by lf and the cycle repeats.Believe it or not this cycle happens all the time at higher ranks but they dont realize it.The large players repeat this cycle by adjusting what they send in any one individual attack….The benefits of deep pockets and the ability to I HAVE A POOR VOCABULARY everything.Where does this leave you, the n00b?Pick one idea or the other.Either I HAVE A POOR VOCABULARY LF to target capital ship players or I HAVE A POOR VOCABULARY cr to hunt the I HAVE A POOR VOCABULARY lf.As a smaller player if you have followed some basic mine principles then deut will never be an issue but I leave this last thought for the more advanced players: By deut the best ship out there (by adjusted cost) is of course BC at 33% the deut commitment of a Des.The worst ship is actually CR, with bmb and bs right behind them. LF are 80% the deut commitment of des.Keep this is in mind and you may have an easier time with your pump costs.
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Fleet comp thoughts
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