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 WSA thoughts

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WSA thoughts Empty
PostSubject: WSA thoughts   WSA thoughts EmptySat Mar 24, 2012 8:33 pm

WSA thoughts.

So if we total up our combat ship costs, we find out that all us large players are idiots.If we research all three techs we effectively increase our fleet by a set percentage.This is not entirely accurate as number of times we fire does not increase by that percent, nor does rapid fire.I feel this is balanced out by the following thought: All ships present and future are affected by this increase.If we accept that as a balancer, then a full round of WSA tech increases our ships by its level percent.Unfortunately, the percent increase changes (it lowers) with each level.To calculate the actual increase in ship level all that must be done is this equation: (current lvl + 12) / (current lvl + 11).For example, lvl 0 -> 1 gives 11/10= 110% of existing. Lvl 9 -> 10 gives 21/20 =105% of existing .Now for the fun part.Lets upgrade from lvl 14 to lvl 15 tech.All three tech 15 cost 52 million in converted res (combined).The increase in % is 26/25 = 104% of existing.Lets assume an average of top 20 fleets and assume we have a 2 million point fleet of decent mix (fleet comp calcd for is 5k sc, 3.5k lc, 50k lf, 5k cr, 10k bs, 10k rec, 1k esp, 1k bmb, 5k bc, 3k des, 1 rip for a total of 2.09 million points).Using a 3:2:1 conversion the total cost is 2.77 billion res.However, we only really care about upgrades to the combat ships, so the actual amount upgraded is 2.44 billion in ships.With an advantage of 4% gained via an upgrade from lvl 14 to 15 we see a cost value of 98 million in converted res (2.44 billion divided by 25).Tech lvl 16 is a 105 million cost for a 94 million gain (not worth it).The alarming conclusion of all this math:we are idiots that overvalue our WSA.
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WSA thoughts
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