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 Simple mining guide

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Simple mining guide  Empty
PostSubject: Simple mining guide    Simple mining guide  EmptyThu Dec 19, 2013 12:18 am

Simple mining guide!

Ok. Full time mining is a slow process but if you do a few things it can be done faster.

So for basics if your a miner your focus is on 3 things. Making mines and energy for them, making cargos for moving res to other planets to make mines with, and making astro levels to make more mines.

My personal rule is keep enough cargos for around 3-5 days of mine production. As for astro always try to keep that going. If you have to choose between a mine level and an astro level choose astro.

Now to the actual process:

There are two rules to my mining style.

1. Always make the cheapest mine

2. What u make on one planet you make on all planets

^With these two rules you maximize the speed of mines being made and minimize the res cost so you can make more res faster and have more res left for astro.

Just so i know you fully understand the two rules here's an explanation. The "cheapest" mine is the mine with the lowest crystal cost. metal may be expensive on some mines but as long as you followed rule 2 you will almost always have enough metal from your mines to do a mine upgrade every day or two till your past the mid 30's...

Second rule was to make all planets equal in mine levels. This is pretty basic really...if you upgrade from 30 to 31 metal mine on one planet you do it on all the rest. If do this it keeps mine costs cheaper for as long as possible while increasing production. For example me upgrading every planet from 30 to 31 will increase metal production alot on all planets but if i only did one planet the mine costs would increase to the point i could no longer make mines off production and the increase off that one planet wouldn't be of a great help because even if you have 11 planets you only make enough res to have one planet get around 2-3 levels ahead before the mines there cost too much to keep increasing without pulling up res from the rest of your planets.
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Simple mining guide
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