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 Conversion rates

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Conversion rates Empty
PostSubject: Conversion rates   Conversion rates EmptySat Mar 24, 2012 8:28 pm

Benefits of a conversion rate
Res conversion rates help us to I HAVE A POOR VOCABULARY essentially disparate ideas.Think comparing apples and oranges without even the benefit of knowing they are both fruit.In this case the fruit is res and the types of fruit to be compared are metal, crystal and deut.The obvious conversion rates lay in the ability to trade one type of res for another and therefore lay between 2:1:1 and 3:2:1 on any given day, but lets take a closer look.If you keep mine costs near each other (such that purchasing one more of any given mine type would cost about the same) then you produce res in the ratio of 4:2:1 (roughly). If every item cost equal amounts of each res, then this would be the trade rateā€¦ but they dont.In fact the res that matters most to you is completely determined by your goals.If you need to tech then crystal becomes the dominating (and limiting factor).If you are a top fleeter you get all the metal and crystal your heart could want but are always short on gas (deut) and so it becomes your limitng factor.If you are just starting out and producing mines and lf like mad you may find that metal is limiting but all advanced players will tell you that metal is never the limiting factor.All of this brings us to the final point: conversion rates are necessary to give a final numer to all costs (rather than 3 different numbers) allowing us to discuss cost easily and efficiently.All my ogame / ge science operates on a 3:2:1 conversion rate and this should be kept in mind for all discussions to facilitate easier understanding.
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Conversion rates
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