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 Moon Shots

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PostSubject: Moon Shots   Moon Shots EmptySat Jan 07, 2012 12:23 pm

Don't go for these to early. Theres no point if you can not support the deut costs of lanxing or even worse, not buy the stupid lanx to begin with (unless people are trying to ninja you).

When you do it, there is only one decent way to go about it.

Have your whole fleet on the planet in question (including recs, except for LF needed for MS... they must be on another planet). Have a friend send 1 lf at your planet and acs you. Send (from the other planet) all the lf needed. In ge 2 that is 833 lf currently. I believe ge 1 needs 1666 currently.

This enables you to recover 60% from each attempt... meaning you only lose 333 lf each time you attempt (in GE 2). Cheapest way to go as a max moon shot only costs 1 mil metal and 333 crystal.
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Moon Shots
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